Ingrown Toenail? No need to suffer, let us help.

Painful ingrowing toenails can be very annoying and often occur at the most inopportune times. There are many causes for ingrowing toenails. Tight shoes as well as steel toed shoes can create pressure and irritation leading to pain. Certain activities or sports can lend themselves to painful ingrowing toenails also. We can cause an ingrowing toenail by simply cutting our nails too short or rounding the corners too much. Finally, genetics can play a part in ingrowing toenails. You may always remember having nails that curve excessively on the edges, this nail type can be inherited and lead to reoccuring painful toenails.

Attempting to treat ingrown toenails at home is usually the first line of defense. For this condition home treatment is not recommended. Pain, infection and other serious conditions can develop if not handled properly. Especially if you are diabetic or have any other condition that may inhibit your immune system.

At Foot Specialists of Mississippi we are the experts handling ingrown toenails. Our techniques and procedures are virtually painless and you will leave the office with incredible relief. We can perform techniques removing only a small sliver of the nail leaving you with plenty of nail to polish and be proud to wear sandals. We even have procedures which keep the offending nail from growing back- permanent relief. There is no need to torcher yourself or someone you love with “bathroom surgery” at home when we can relieve your pain and have you back to activity the next day.

Let Dr. Christensen and Dr. VanYperen at Foot Specialists of Mississippi do what we do best: Provide Excellence in Footcare. The office is open and we are seeing patients daily. We are providing all safety precautions necessary during this COVID-19 time. We look forward to the opportunity of providing you, your family and your friends with all your footcare needs. (662)257-2357

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