Foot Specialists of Mississippi offers a full array of podiatric services to help you maintain healthy feet. You can read more on this page about some of the specific products and services we offer. Please use the Patient Library menu for more comprehensive information and services.

Popular Products

Biofreeze: A cooling formula that provides arthritis relief, soothe sore muscles and eases joint discomfort. The rub-on formula is also popular among athletes for providing instant after-game relief to strained muscles.


Clinical Therapeutic Solutions by BAKO Labs



Dr. Comfort Shoes and Diabetic Insoles:



iWalk2.0: A revolutionary, hands-free crutch that allows for ultimate mobility during recovery from foot and ankle injuries. View an informational YouTube video…


Specialty Procedures And Services

HyProCure: A minimally-invasive procedure that realigns the foot and ankle to help ease pain felt in knees, hips and back. 


Digital X-ray Technology


Muscleskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound:  Ultrasound is a very effective tool for diagnosing a wide variety of foot and ankle problems, particularly soft tissue problems.  Ultrasound uses sound waves on the body in a way very much like radar uses sound waves.  The waves hit a targeted area and are bounced back to a recording device, which produces an image.  Ultrasound is a completely safe, noninvasive, and painless diagnostic procedure.  Common problems for which ultrasound may be prescribed include: *Bursitis, *Heel spurs, *Plantar fascitis, *Injuries to ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, *Morton’s neuroma, *Foreign bodies, *Soft tissue masses, *Tarsal tunnel syndrome, *Tendonitis or tears in a tendon.


Custom Orthotics and Bracing: Used for re-alignment and stabilization of painful, injured or arthritic joints.



Moore Balance Brace: Fall Assessment and Fall Prevention



PADnet and SMARTDOP Vascualr Testing: Two non-invasive, vascular examininations used to test for Peripheral Arterial Disease, also referred to as a hardening of the arteries that carry blood into the arms and legs. 




Arthrosurfacing: is a surgical technique to preserve motion in a joint with advanced degernative changes.



Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Analysis: is a test which allows us as your physicians to directly detect the presence of smallfiber peripheral neuropathy by evaluating the number and quality of epidermal nerves in a small sample of skin.




TOPAZ Radiofrequnecy Cobalation Therapy for Chronic Plantar Fascitis and Achilles Tendonitis




Dry Needling Technique for Chronic Inflammation and Pain





Advanced Wound Care

Skin Flaps and Tissue Transpositioning procedures performed to facilitate and speed up wound closure.

Bio Engineered Skin Subsitutes and Biological Cell Therapy used also to provide structure and stimulus for faster wound healing.